Product Line

We all have connections to food, and one of my favorite things to do as a miniature artist is to play with those connections.

The Frippery Factory specializes in miniature food with retro pizzazz, the sort of stuff you might remember your grandma making or find in an old cookbook. It can have a place in your nostalgic dollhouse kitchen or even be a part of a more modern setting, because memories, like Twinkies, are timeless.

Frippery Factory jewelry brings a vintage feel to your outfits, but it’s not just miniature food on a ring or dangly earring…each component is considered as a design element as well as a mouth-watering morsel, bringing elegance, sophistication, and a dry sense of humor to whatever you wear it with.

Our product line is composed of a number of pieces, some of which are year-round, versatile, snazzy little bits of frippery that you can grab at any time. Other things are one of a kind: prototypes, unique (but impractical from a multiple-production standpoint) creations, happy accidents, seasonal designs, and old models. Once these are gone, they’re gone.

Our products are always changing, so if you’d like to stay hip as to what’s new, you can watch our retail locations, subscribe to the newsletter (we occasionally send out look books and gift guides), or request a catalog (for the products that are sure to stay). If you’re looking for a one of a kind deal, our Etsy shop is the only place to look.


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