No more email redundancy–get what sort of content you want by subscribing to the three Frippery Factory emails available. Pick and choose, and come back for more…emails, like life, are one big buffet.

awww...cannoli earrings!

Gift Guide

Get ideas for birthday, seasonal, and holiday gifts! You’ll get one email a month except for during October, November, and December. During these three months, we’ll send you relevant and helpful gift ideas of different varieties. For example, around the 20th of December, we’ll send you ideas for great last-minute gifts. Best of all? They’re a blend of do-it-yourself projects and Frippery Factory products, so you can choose your gifting battles. (So to speak).

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Bits o Craftiness

You like crafting, we like crafting, let’s all read crafting emails together! Around the 25th of each month, you’ll get a ray of inbox sunshine loaded with DIY projects, crafty Frippery Factory news, and small business advice for those of you who sell your own handmade coolness. Don’t worry; it’s not all about miniature food–bits o craftiness are for everyone!

Let’s go!

FF Mini

Dollhouse, vignettes, scenes in a bottle–let’s face it, tiny is cool. Once a month, look forward to free tutorials, mini-making articles, and Frippery Factory coupons. Sometimes, we’ll even have giveaways, so it pays to stay hip to the frip.

No doubt–I’m in!


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