Buy & Sell

Included on this page are places to buy previously designed frippery, how to custom-order your own, and how to go about wholesale and consignment orders. Enjoy!


Currently, the only place to buy Frippery Factory creations is via our Etsy store. Etsy is an easy-to-use, safe way for you to shop. If you’ve never been on Etsy, I’d recommend a field trip…it’s loads of fun and there’s literally millions of beautiful things to be found there. If you’re unsure about how to use the site, look through their comprehensive help guides or shoot me an email.

Custom & Commissions

…make me smile! We love custom work, and charge the same materials and hourly rate as we do for regular shop listings. Here’s a brief run-down on the Frippery Factory custom order process.

1.) You get in contact with us and talk about what you’re envisioning.

2.) We reply, asking a couple clarifying questions we may have (size, earring findings, etc) and requesting reference pictures for the food. You respond.

3.) We create preliminary design sketches, take a photo, and send them to you. You have the chance to make any last adjustments on the sketches.

4.) We get you a price quote, including material costs, hourly rate, and estimated time to sculpt. You approve it. If your order is valued over $50, we ask for a 25% down payment.

5.) We create your pieces, photograph them, and list them on Etsy (or not, depending on what you decide). You purchase your item (if we’re doing Etsy) and pay via PayPal. If you payed money down on your order, the listed price on your item will reflect that.

6.) We ship your order to you in pretty packaging. You recieve it. If you’re purchasing through Etsy, we’d love it if you leave us feedback on your experience.

7.) We all do a little happy dance.

Wholesale & Consignment Inquiries

…are most welcome! A full catalog is available upon request (email us via fripperyfactory[!at], requesting miniature food, food jewelry, or both. Our minimum first-time, from-the-catalog wholesale order is $125, excluding shipping. With all wholesale orders, I require $25 upfront to cover materials for sculpting. Custom-made pieces can also be purchased at wholesale rates; we can discuss this when you email. I’m willing to offer a similar price for custom wholesale as for regular wholesale, provided the design is not too complex. Again, we’ll discuss.

If you are interested in selling my work but are not able to swing the $125 first-time minimum, please please please let me know. I’ll be happy to work with you on a reduced price some way other than wholesale!

Once you’ve picked out what you fancy, let me know, and we can come up with a schedule, plan for payment, and shipping address. If you have questions but aren’t sure what (or if) you want to buy, email me anyway. I like people and I’m sure we’ll get along swimmingly.


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