OK, I’m spilling the beans

Last time I wrote (it was a while ago, wasn’t it?) I left you all hangin’. I did it on purpose. I’m not sorry. (Ok, maybe a little.) The point is, I really have been working on something cool: my very own Frippery Factory website. 

I actually squealed when I typed that, and I am not a squealer.

No, things aren’t done yet, and as I work on building the website, I’ve had to let go of a lot of perfectionism and accept that, since I’m building the thing myself using WordPress software (which I have no experience with), it really is a work in progress. As I go along, I’ll touch things up, make it prettier as I go, consider it a journey rather than a finished project.

And I thought that you guys would get a kick out of snooping around as I build it. Check and see what’s new, stuff like that. However, please note that fripperyfactory.com is not a “live” online store yet. You cannot place orders through it (well, you can, but I won’t accept them). You can browse, tell me what you think, suggest features. 

I may be kinda absent from the blog and Etsy for a few more weeks, but you can come hang out with me on the new website, and I’ll always be ready to talk to you via email, Twitter, and Facebook.


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