Little sushi for a big crowd

I’m beginning to realize that my vacations aren’t quite like anyone else’s. I have a week off of school for Christmas and New Year’s, and this is what I’ve been up to already. Miniature sushi. And coffee. You can probably tell by my spiffy new mug in the background. (Go, Santa!)

I wrote in my last post that I’m thinking about how the Frippery Factory is going to change in 2012. One of these new things? Scaling up my sculpting practice. I could’ve made five slices of rolled sushi. I really could have. But instead I made more than 70, and now I don’t have to make any more for a goooood, loooong time.

(I also realized that my handy dandy magnifying glass makes close-ups awesome. These sushi are about as large as a pencil eraser.)

Making things in large batches saves me tons of time, which means I can make more miniatures with the limited time I sneak between school and my other activities. For instance, less than 18 hours after my rolled sushi marathon, I was back at it, this time with California rolls.

It’s actually strangely gratifying to have several large piles of very small things sitting in my workspace. I’m not quite sure why.

I’m going to be blogging more about the changes I have in mind, because if I put them all into one post, boy, your finger would have carpal tunnel before you reached the end of the article. So next time I blog, I’m going to talk about my jewelry, and my rather clever little idea that will let you build the necklace, earrings, pin, or ring of your dreams, without having to muck about actually trying to do custom work with me. (I LOVE custom work, but I know it can be a daunting prospect for you to jump into.)

In the meantime, if you’ve got a mini sushi craving, I’d recommend popping over to my little shop and snagging some of the 2011 sushi. I’m selling off my last 15 pieces on very good sale (40% off), with free shipping in the US, so this is your opportunity to snag some frippery at a low cost. (This sushi is kinfolk to the stuff being sold at the Walker Art Center gift shop!)


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