5 tips & tricks to take your mini food to the next level of realism…

Hullo, lovelies! I just want to let you know that Mei and I are giving away this e-book from minifoodtutorials.com, our joint website. And it can be yours, if you subscribe to our newsletter! (If you’ve already subscribed, you can refer a friend for your own copy.) I must say, I’m pretty proud of this little file, which I’ll email to you just as soon as you as I find you’ve joined our little mini food party.

Whether you’re a terrified newbie (me) or a seasoned sculptor, I think you’ll like these tips and projects that really WILL take you to a new place with your sculpting ideas. And chances are really good that you haven’t seen them anywhere else, since they came out of my brain. (I suppose I could have a secret telepathic link with one of you. If that’s the case, do, let me know.)

Anywho, click on the lovely, large number five, and we’ll zoom over to the subscription page. Hope to see you back soon…I have a bunch of other awesome stuff in store for you all!


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