I made the cutest thing I have ever made in my life. And then I made four more.

miniature dollhouse teapots by frippery factoryI was having a rough day on Wednesday. We were frantically getting ready for our trip (we left on Thursday), and I definitely didn’t feel like making tiny food. At all. I was having a hard enough time making noodles and leftover pasta sauce for Mom, Optimus Schmelzer, and the Mathematical Genius (who were skiing all afternoon). I was looking at a tiny set of dishes I had bought over the summer, thinking that I really needed a tea pot.

Let’s digress for a moment. I’ve made tea pots from polymer clay before. They took literally hours, and turned out looking pretty lame. I actually put them in a box, hid them from view, and then took a reaaaaally long bubble bath to console myself. So let’s not get any kind of sick idea in our heads that I was inspired to create these particular teapots. I was mostly looking for an excuse to complain about how my day was not going very well once they failed.

Sometimes, it happens that when I’m exceptionally crabby and unpleasant, I turn out something that I really like. Usually, that would be sharp comebacks. (“Your mom goes to college on the phone!”) Most of the time not, but Wednesday was a lucky day. I sculpted up the green teapot (which was styled after Asian-style, hobnail teapots), baked it, and then was like, “Waaaah! Adorable!”

And then I made the other colors, thereby proving that inspiration isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that being crabby sometimes has its benefits.

Now, you tell me: when you’re in a bad mood, do you craft? Do things turn out, or do they flop, leading to more creative hate? Horror stories and tales of success are more than welcome.



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