Hello from the Walker Art Center Gift Shop!

As I’ve mentioned earlier, my miniature food is now available at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, in the gift shop, as part of a partnership between the Walker and mnartists.org. The Walker is considered one of the five “big” modern art museums in the US, along with Museum of Modern Art (New York), the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (California), the Guggenheim Museum (New York again), and the Hirshhorn Museum (Washington, D.C.). Having my products sold at such a famous art gallery is a huge honor, and was a great 17th birthday gift!

My family and I visited the gift shop before Thanksgiving, braving a very slushy snowstorm and a Nordic ski swap to go and see my miniature food. After only three days of the mini food magnets being for sale, two were already purchased and off to new homes. I love the idea that little plates of treats are making their way on someone else’s refrigerator or filing cabinets; I’d be very interested to hear about their insights from their travels.

So, if you’re anywhere near the Twin Cities area, do stop in and say hello to the magnets! The Walker staff are incredibly helpful, there are some amazing products there (including rocket ship-shaped pens, the most adorable reindeer gift wrap ever, and a book called Hipster Puppies), and my mini food magnets would love the chance to meet you in the flesh.


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