Thanksgiving Take-out Is Here!

Yah, you heard me correctly. I’ve cooked up your Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or Sunday dinner so you don’t have to stand behind the stove all day instead of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

Of course, unless you are a 1:12 scale doll, chances are you won’t find my dinner very succulent (or filling, for that matter). But if you ARE, boy, are you in luck. I’ve got the whole thing ready to rumble, from the ham to the candied sweet potatoes (or sweet potato casserole, however you roll) to the chocolate-peppermint jelly roll.

So be sure to snag your nibbles before they’re gone. It’d sure be a pity to have to cook all day in those high heels.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Take-out Is Here!

  1. You are so talented! Hi, I’m Karen. I’ve come across an entire community of talented artists since I’ve joined the I’m a Giant Dollhouse Challenge. I just started remodeling mine a few days ago/ I have a lot to do in the next three weeks. Check out my progress at The detail and colors in your creations are so realistic. I’ll be back.

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