Why have one birthday every 365 days when you can have seven?

At my house, your birthday is a week long. I’m not sure exactly how the concept of a “birthweek” came about. It’s certainly not some Slovakian-German heritage thing (at least as far as I know). But the festivities (which include not having to wash dishes) start somewhere around the Sunday before your birthday and continue until roughly the Sunday after your birthday. This allows your Official Birthday Party with Presents and Family and Cake to be moved around to a time convenient for cooking your birthday meal (ie, not a Monday night. Mondays are always busy). It also promotes a general feeling of happiness in the person experiencing the birthday, because the last few days of the countdown are the hardest, plus everyone is acknowledging the fact that it’s almost your birthday (and that’s half the fun).

I’d like that fun to extend to you as well. Which is why I’m breaking my no-coupon rule for my birthweek, and giving you 10% off from now until Friday at 11:59 pm Central Time. Grab that gingerbread kit you’ve been craving. Snag some mini food swag. Do what you will. All you have to do is pick what you want, plop it into your shopping cart, and then use the coupon code 11BIRTHDAY11 at checkout. Trust me, it’s easy, and if you’re confused, I’ll help you out. I don’t turn 17 every day, so grab your discount treats and run.


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