I’m a Giant Dollhouse Challenge: Life in a Cardboard Box

I’m on the fly, but I thought I’d drop y’alls off some photos of the beginning of my dollhouse for the “I’m a Giant” Dollhouse Challenge. Actually, it’s a pretty tiny apartment made out of a carton that used to hold disposable diapers. I feel like I’m bringing a whole new meaning to “living in a box”.

Anyway, inspiration boards are forthcoming. It’s going to be awesome. I think you’ll like it. I sure do, and it’s just a cardboard box.

Basically, last night, after doing all of my history homework and going to my graphic design class, I took the box, lopped off the closure flaps (which is surprisingly difficult to do neatly, you know), built up the “floor” (which was uneven due to the fact that it was previously a storage container), and then framed in the eensy, weensy bathroom. Hot glue and I are good buddies.

Anyway, here’s a before picture…

…but it appears that I do not have a “room with a tiny framed in bathroom” picture for you. I am very sorry, friends. I guess you get to skip from the redundant content to the next step of my “I’m a Giant” Dollhouse challenge. It’s gonna be awesome, I can just tell. Remember, I’m out to build it for less than $50 all together, which is a verrrrry tight budget in the dollhouse world.

Cost for this bit of the challenge: $0

Budget left to spend: $50


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