Freebies: Monthly Small Business Goal Sheet

I’m popping in after a busy week to give all of you lovely, patient blog readers a special Labor Day treat. I’ll be starting school again next week, and things will be very up in the air for a while. So! In the meantime, you can console yourself with a smashing little worksheet that will enable your wildest small biz dreams to come true.

I originally created this worksheet for personal use, but it’s been so handy, I think I’m going to see if people actually want to buy them (not you, naturally, you’re my blog friend). Along with a couple others, it’ll hang around the $2-%5 USD range and be available as a pdf file. With it, you’ll use your projected revenue and work from there, setting goals and finding ways to make the money you want/need/really want.

Why do you need this? Well, I’m a sucker for organization. I actually read the Franklin Covey catalog for fun. And this worksheet works for me, so it might just work for you. Plus, as it was created by me, a pretty-new-to-the-whole-biz-thing type of girl, you can be sure I made it with real live original thought. And I want you to succeed too.

How do you get this? I do need something in return. Please “like” me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, subscribe to the blog, or subscribe to the newsletter. If you do one of these things, leave me a comment and I’ll email you your own copy. If you already meet one of these criteria, let me know that you want a copy, and I’ll send you one. Extra points if you spread the publicity more.

Decorate it! Scribble on it! Make money with it! And thanks for being my friendly-type readers, and for your patience over the next few days.



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