Help Me!: Holiday Inspiration

Three things for you today: my new cottage windowbox necklace, a super-awesome external feature about me, and a topic I need your help with. It’s a long post, so be sure you’re settled before we get going.

So, first thing’s first: me necklace. Sometimes, inspiration just strikes like a lightning bolt, and this was one of those times. I even had the crazy hair to prove it (my lovely brother, the self-named “Optimus Schmelzer”, told me I looked like “an electrocution victim”. Love you too, bro). It wasn’t until after I’d made it that one of my Etsy friends directed me to the paintings of Lord Frederick Leighton, who is now my new favorite artist (along with whoever invented the Easy Bake Oven). So tell me: does this

look like something that this lovely lady would wear? I sure think so.

So, all in all, it was pretty easy deciding that this pendant, which is available here, would have a sort of romantic Victorian/Regency vibe to it in the listing copy. I love it when this happens!

Our second order of business is my recent press. Jessica of cursivearts has put up a lovely feature of me on her blog. You can snoop around her blog site, or head right to the post. Jessica’s weekly interviews are always fun to read, especially when they’re about Dr. Who. Thank you Jessica…you’re the bomb diggity!

And lastly, but not leastly, I require your assistance, if you can spare it. I’m getting in the swing of things for Christmas, and I am so totally out of ideas that I could really use a leg up. So far, I really like the idea of ribbon salad, which is probably because it involves jello + mayonnaise. Yummm. And it’s visually striking, even if the photo is tiny, no?

But other than that, I have no ideas for a Christmas/holiday dinner. What kind of roast meat should I make? Side dishes? A show-stopping dessert?

I’d also like to make a variety of cookies, but let’s face it, everyone in the miniature world is doing chocolate chip dollhouse cookies. So far? I’m thinking peanut butter blossoms like these:

as well as jelly thumbprints (an earlier version is available for sale here) like these.

So this is the part where I need your help. Please, please, please–tell me about holiday-related childhood favorites, or things your grandma used to make, or scary retro foods like aspic that you’ve heard of but never tried. In your leprechaun-sized world, what would the wee folk like to have for a holiday dinner? What kind of cookies would they swap? Would they have any special holiday decor?

I appreciate any and all ideas. You guys are the best, and see you again on Wednesday. 🙂


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