Smart Idea: Brand Your Products, For Real

It’s the weekend, finally, and so I have another quickie small handmade business post for you to mull over with your time off. I promise, it’s nothing like work. Who needs more of that?

Today, we’re going to concentrate on branding. Branding is something everyone talks about needing to have, but a few really solid steps towards improving your brand are hard to find. I’ve put together three simple things you can do no matter how busy your Saturday and Sunday are, and your brand will benefit from it. Instead of telling you how to implement “branding”, we’re going to figure out what kind of brand you actually want to have.  Let’s jump in!

Cards by rubypress on Etsy

  1. Think of five words you’d use to describe your brand. I don’t care what they are; “classy”, “funky”, or “cheap” are all fine. Now, try sketching out these words as pictures of themselves. For instance, “retro” might look like this.
  2. Imagine that you’re downtown, and you see a new, cool-looking shop. You step inside, take a look around, and–holey moley! They’re selling your products. (Granted, this takes a little ambiguous thinking in order not to scream “copyright infringement” right off the bat.) You know what the products look like, but how are they packaged? How are they displayed? Jot down some notes or do some sketches.

    Cards by ladybugpress on Etsy

  3. Finally, imagine that you’ve ordered something off of Etsy, or wherever you shop online, and the package has just arrived in the mail. What does it look like? What’s inside? How’s it wrapped? Take some more notes, and jot down some more photos.

It’s that simple! What did you come up with? Let me know in the comments below!

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