Ephemera: Getting Obsessive About Blog Navigation

I’m really trying to create some relevant content for y’alls, but it’s been such a lovely, cool week here in Northfield that I’ve been spending a lot of it making real food…and eating real food…and working on a super-exciting collaboration, which I’ll tell you about on Monday, because tomorrow, I’m dishing on something other than myself. (Careful of the self-righteousness…it burns.)

Anyway, there are a couple of key updates to the Frippery Factory blog. First of all, there’s a new menu, and this one doesn’t have enchilada sauce from the last guy’s meal on it. Or a coffee ring. Or a toddler’s sticky cheerios stuck to it. (That’s the worst at real restaurants, no?) Here’s the old FF menu, in case you’d forgotten what it looked like…

Now, yesterday, I added a bunch of snazzy new pages, including one where you can stay hip to the frip (I may have to copyright that, or get a tattoo). Unfortunately, once I’d added the pages I liked, there were two incomplete rows of links, and my inner organization freak basically went ballistic.

So in the end, I ended up removing the Buy & Sell page and the Artist Features page. You can still access them, but they aren’t in the navigation menu. If you wanna get featured, contact me, I’m quite friendly. If you want to order a custom piece or discuss a wholesale deal (and boy, would that make my day) you can go through my Etsy shop or contact me again.

That there’s the new navigation menu, resplendent with it’s multiple newsletter subscription page and it’s dollhouse collector resources. You should check both out, and then tell me what you think of the new navigation bar. I’ve got to run…the tater tots are in the oven, and Mom’ll be home soon. Meet me back here tomorrow for a good, wholesome project for your weekend!


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