From the Studio: Custom Pantone Notebooks

Back in late June 2010, the Frippery Factory was established. It started as a place my lovely mother could sell her handmade, truly spectacular greeting cards. Now, we didn’t do any Etsy market research before listing those cards, and I sure didn’t know a lick about search engine optimization (SEO). As a fun fact, there are currently 183,609 items listed on Etsy under the Paper Goods>Cards section, which was where I (naively) set Mama’s cards. Now, in the Dolls and Miniatures>Scale One Inch section, where I sell, there are 10,373 items listed. There are almost 18 times more listings in cards than there are in scale miniatures.


I listed some of my miniatures at the same time I listed Mama’s cards, and you won’t be suprised to hear that I sold weensy deviled eggs way faster than she sold her fantastic, and honestly unique, greeting cards. It got discouraging for the both of us in a veritable sea of handmade greetings, and so we stopped listing cards.

customizable pantone covered artists notebooks and journals

Here we are a year later, and I think we’ve come full circle, because Mama’s come up with a spectacular product that also has an excellent niche: composition notebooks (and other things) covered in Pantone Color Matching System Cards. As far as I know the Frippery Factory is the original home of handmade, customized Pantone products. That’s pretty exciting, no?

We have a plan this time around, and I think that’s what’ll be driving sales of these little beauties. Also, because the Frippery Factory is no longer just about teeny tiny food, I think you can expect a wider variety of posts, which you subscribers may appreciate.

{I call this photo “Small Sailor Sabotages Photo Shoot…Again”}

So, as the good old FF evolves, I’d like to add some more graphic design and artsy pieces to the blog. More importantly, I want to know what YOU want to hear about, or what you’d like to hear more of, or what you wish I’d stop talking about. Leave me (and mama) a comment below, and don’t worry about being too blunt. We’re thick skinned.

After you do that, it’s probably best to kick back, relax, and get ready for a great weekend. Ciao!





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