Brief Farewell, and Consolation Prize

Well, peeps, I’m going to be away from the Frippery Factory blog (again) for a week. I’ll still be processing any orders that you make, but I won’t be blogging.

miniature pumpkin gourds

As a bit of a pick-you-up, I’m leaving a coupon code for all of you: free shipping on any order you make, no matter how much you buy, no matter where you live. This code is going to be good until I get back and make my next blog post, so don’t procrastinate too much. It’s even good for all of my new, super-cute Halloween minis, like the pumpkins you saw above and the marshmallow Frankenstein cookies below. So enter the coupon code BLOGFRIENDS11 at check out, and I’ll give you free shipping (and if you get confused, go ahead and order, and I’ll refund the shipping cost via PayPal). So pop on over to the store, look around, and have a lovely week off.


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