DIY Project: Spooky Halloween Chairs

Hello, all…to celebrate the launch of our Halloween 2011 collection in our Etsy shop, I’m going to do a quick tutorial on how to make spiderwebby, spook-tacular chairs, whether in miniature or real life. (And yes, I will be using the word “spooktacular” from now until Christmas).

You may have seen these chairs in my little teaser post earlier this week. If not, here’s the final product, complete with partial black and white effect.

miniature vintage inspired halloween food 1 12 scaleAll you’ll need is some polyfill stuffing (the kind you shove in stuffed animals and pillows) or wool, miniature chairs/tables/candleabras, Halloween confetti if you like (I used bats), and uber-strength hairspray in case things don’t stay where they’re told to (or if you need some extra volume while crafting).

So the first thing one does is to stretch their fiber, disconnecting the fibers until they start looking webby and spooky. The most realistic spiderwebs are thin, not clumpy, so don’t be afraid to pull them really far apart.

Next, pull the fiber apart even more and start draping it across your furniture. Diagonal lines are interesting; experiment to find what you like. Spray ‘er down with AquaHelmet (er, Aqua Net) if needed.

Finally, if you’re using confetti or other decorations, slip them in and give ’em a good spray down with your hair spray if they won’t stick.

Voila! Spooky chairs (or other furniture) in a matter of minutes! Your turn…what do you do to decorate for Halloween, whether in the full-sized or mini world?


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