Smart Idea: Keep a Marketing Journal

Hello, blog readers…I apologize for the week off of blogging. I had the sudden opportunity to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time, so I abandoned all my cares and went on a quick vacation. I hope you don’t mind too much.

I came upon a brilliant article by Jessica of Cursive Arts.  Perhaps one of the reasons I love the blog so much is that Jessica loves the BBC series Dr. Who, of which I am a slightly manic fan. I’ll have to feature some of my favorite handmade Doctor products one of these days on the blog.

But anyway, I ran into this article, which made perfect sense to me. The idea? Keep a marketing journal.

This may sound hopelessly geeky, (actually, the brother who made up his own version of Dungeons and Dragons thinks it’s weird) but it’s probably best not to take business advice from a 14-year-old. And doesn’t it make sense to know what sort of activities are leading to Etsy sales, or wholesale deals, or whatever?I highly recommend you pop over and read the article. Let me (and Jessica!) know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Smart Idea: Keep a Marketing Journal

  1. Great idea!! I think I’ll start a marketing journal today…I may not do it exactly like cursivearts does her’s but maybe as a way to get my daily do’s written down and starting to enact doing things daily that I think will help my etsy shop!! Thanks again!

    • Great idea. My do’s are spread literally all over the house and I find them long after I some how managed to accomplish the things that were on them. I think it’s important to personalize it a bit…mine’s already evolving and it’s only 4 days old. One of the most interesting things I’ve discovered is that making treasuries has gotten my shop more hits and favorites than listing new items. Crazy, no?

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