Furniture for the Frippin’ Kitchen, Finally!

I’m so, so, so excited. I actually did a little happy dance today. Why? The Frippery Factory Test Kitchen is getting a real kitchen table! And not just a table, but chairs, too, and a picture frame. I bought it all in a kit from Mother’s Mini Treasures, a seller of various awesome tiny things on Etsy. I would highly recommend her shop to everyone; she shipped my order the day after it was ordered, everything was together, and she sent a receipt for my records.

What really tickles me about this kit is that it’s VINTAGE, from the 80s. As such, it’s kind of a scary green-tinged tan color. When I ordered the kit, I thought I would paint all the pieces as per Ann’s (of Amazing Miniatures) tutorial on how to paint mini furniture without sucking (something that really rung a bell with me because once upon a time, I got a failing grade for an art project I did involving poorly done small-scale acrylic painting. Not that I’m holding a grudge or anything.) Now I’m thinking I’ll leave them the slightly frightening color they are, because honestly, it looks right at home with my psychedelic wallpaper.

I’m going to blog about putting together the kit, compete with MY OWN photos (wow, huh?), maybe starting on Friday.

I also have some sad news about the 30 Days of Frippery challenge: I gave up. My 7-day vacation really threw me off, and I should have planned for it more. I exit with grace in order to not stress myself out. I was actually having trouble sleeping because I was worrying about making 13 items in four days. Which is very near impossible. I’ll have a wrap-up post coming soon, but I thought I should mention that so it didn’t come as too much of a surprise. On the plus side: more time for kit-building!


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