Wednesday…it’s a 30 Days of Frippery check-in day!

So it’s Wednesday, and I’m blogging, and isn’t that just a little bit shocking? This summer blogging is a whole different kettle of fish from school year blogging (as in “scheduled posts”). Today, I have for you my gallery of new pieces. There are only 6…I haven’t listed my Exploded Scientific Diagram BLT Sandwich Earrings yet. But I will, once I get over camera burnout from yesterday’s apple earrings. Who knew that little fruits could be SO HARD TO GET A CLEAR PICTURE OF?

The items you see above:

Let’s see…clearly I am not doing particularly well with this challenge, as I have only 6 items for this week, and I’ll be on vacation all of next week. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully: well.


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