Meet my cooli-ooli new miniature stuff!

On today’s menu: photos of some of my cool new miniature things.

As an appetizer, I will share this photo of a cake stand I made a week or so ago and just now got around to uploading to the computer. I’m trying to decide whether or not to put it up for sale in my Etsy shop. Yes, it is silver and shiny on the top.

For our main course, we have these new fruit canes: lime, banana, tomato (tomato is technically a fruit), tangerine, strawberry, and kiwi. If you’re scandalized at the fact that I bought commercially-made supplies, I’m going to prescribe this post for your contemplation.

They are truly, truly tiny. My mind was blown when I opened the package. It actually took me a day or so to get over the shock. For reference, I put in a lemon cane I made. I conveniently arranged the light so that you couldn’t actually see what the lemon cane looks like. It’s terrible. I spent well on those canes, methinks.

And now, I have dessert (and I realize this is a little sadistic, seeing as the item I’m about to show you is a food item when it’s real) of my new porcelain friend, Pigling Bland. You may recognize the name from a Beatrix Potter story of the same name.

Pigling was rescued from a garage sale a few blocks up, along with his five siblings and similarly porcelain mother, for $1.50. Pigling now has a career in food modelling, due to his stellar personality and chiseled, buffed, and polished good looks. Look, he’s already had his debut.

Actually, the cake stand is in this photo too. I love the slight irony in photography a dessert that would take hours to make in real life with a ceramic pig, no matter how polished and/or glazed he may be. I’m a big fan of subtle jokes.

So that’s about it for today…be sure to check back in on Wednesday. I’ll be blogging about my first 7 creations in my self-imposed torture, er, challenge.




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