Photography: It’s Important. So is light.

Photography: It’s important. So is light.

This finally made sense after reading this article on the Amazing Miniatures blog on how to make a special light box for taking pictures of miniatures. I didn’t follow Ann’s instructions exactly, because I am lazy, and believe that tape and chunks of balsa wood can do the job of a cut-up cardboard box. (No, scratch that, I’m just lazy.)

But anyway, THE LIGHT BOX IS ESSENTIAL. Look at this photograph of my new kitchen. I didn’t use any sort of light-diffusing system. I just turned on my lights and took the picture.

Although I must say that it’s worlds better than my earlier attempts at photography, it’s not that great. Now look at this one, taken with a little light tent made out of tracing paper around it.

Granted, the above is a more interesting shot, but there’s also less glare and the wallpaper is more real-looking. I think that to perfect it, I need more tissue, a cardboard box (lazy sigh) with windows cut out, and another light source. But for now? It’s worlds better.


4 thoughts on “Photography: It’s Important. So is light.

    • It was a really good post…I hadn’t heard anything miniature-specific before.

      I’m glad you like the blog. It’s a relief I’m not just ranting into the enormous vacuum of cyberspace. 😉

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