20 Scoops of Ice Cream…and my first mini kitchen!

This is potentially the most of any one item I have made at a time. 20 ice cream scoops for a special secret project…more on that later! First, I have to talk about another big project: my first dollhouse.

Actually, it’s more of a vignette. It was simple to make, too. All you need is a cardboard box, decorative paper, and spray adhesive (yeah, the bad-smelling kind). Oh, and scissors. First, do some inventive chopping on that cardboard box.

Second, pick some cool decorative papers. Mama, being a color genius, picked out mine from her stamping stash. The wallpaper is by Cosmo Cricket. I love it.

Spray cardboard box with adhesive; stick on paper. Trim to size. Tons of fun.

I’m going to be adding to this as I go…stay tuned here and over at the shop for photos of mini food in the new kitchen.


3 thoughts on “20 Scoops of Ice Cream…and my first mini kitchen!

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