Feature Friday: Susie Tenzer

Meet Susie Tenzer, the creative force, marketing expert, and management director of SusieTenzerArt for both her own website and through her Etsy shop. When I first saw Susie’s work, I knew immediately that she had a slot for Feature Friday. They look like photographs, but they’re actually illustrations!

When not on the golf course, you can find Susie creating her breath-taking colored pencil still lifes. As a retired teacher, she can spend five to eight hours a day working on her art alone, and her commitment shines through—each piece is a true labor of love.

But how did she come to colored pencils? “I’ve worked with many different kinds of mediums, from oil paint to sculpture,” Susie says. “About a year ago, I discovered colored pencil and I knew immediately I’d found my niche.”

Along with her flourishing Etsy shop, her pieces can be found at a bricks-and-mortar gallery in St. Louis. Through a serendipitous Treasury feature alongside the gallery owner, Susie was invited to showcase her work—even though she hadn’t known the curator previously.

Despite all her success, Susie refuses to take the easy way out. She renamed and rebranded her shop from the former ZigZagarts. It was a difficult process, but a strong strategic move in the end. To top it all off, she spends an hour each day promoting her shop on Facebook, the Etsy forums, and through treasuries. “It’s an important component [of good business practices],” she says.

Does she have any advice for other sellers? “Keep a positive attitude, work hard, and do what you love.” Wise counsel for anyone involved in the vast, beautiful sea of Etsy.

Thanks, Susie! We’ll see all you readers next week for Feature Friday, but in the mean time, be sure to check out Susie’s Facebook and Twitter. Have a great weekend!


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