bring more sales to your etsy shop with this handy chart

I think every Etsy seller has those shops they watch every once and a while and say, “Jeez, why are they so successful? Why can’t I do that?”

I know that I have a few sellers that I check up on occasionally, see what they’re selling, see how many people “heart” their products, you know. This is actually a bad habit of mine, since I invariably come away thinking, “What are they doing that I’m not?” And then I’ll have to go off and lay face down on my bed and listen to the Kinks, or make myself a quesadilla, or play Dance Dance Revolution with my mom.

As much as I love the Kinks, and Mexican food, and DDR, I would far prefer to enjoy them without the slight guilt that I should be making new items for my Etsy shop rather than procrastinating. (Again.)

This is where this handy dandy research table lives up to its name. (I made it myself!) Pick your favorite success stories in your category, fill out the simple worksheet, and answer the reflection questions. (I almost hate to call them “reflection questions”. It sounds like a painful middle school English class.) And then, all that’s left to do is to figure out a way to emulate their strategies for sales. As well as, of course, eating quesadillas and partying down however you like.


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