How to make Miniature Cheez-Its

Mmmm. cheesy.

So I can admit that I’m quite conscientious of what you blog readers are looking for. And there’s been a bit of a holler for instructions on how to make miniature cheese crackers, like Cheez-Its. Of course, I don’t actually CALL them Cheez-Its when I go to sell or promote them, partially because they’re my handiwork, not Kellogg’s, and partially because if you’re going to sell “Cheez It Earrings” your item listing is going to be swallowed up in Google  like a needle in a cheddary, delicious haystack.

So pardon the fact that I don’t have step by step pictures; I’ve got the instructions though, and it’s a simple project. If you want scale miniatures, make ’em smaller. Earrings? Life sized crackers are cool.

You will need:

— Orange clay (mixed to a color you like, in an amount that befits the size of your project)

— Brown chalk pastels (a toasty brown is good; if you have a paler one is nice too for the first layer. If not, no worries. The darker brown is the aim.)

— Sewing pins

— Dry, clean paintbrush

  1. Shape the clay into the number of squares you like. This is best done by making a ball out of the clay and then pressing it between your fingers until you have a quadrilateral with rounded corners. If you have a simpler method, go for it. This is just a basic direction.
  2. Pierce the center of each square with a pin. Wiggle the pin around so you get a nice prominent hole, rather than a little gouge.
  3. Using the side of the pin, press grooves into the sides of the cheez-it, spacing them equally. There’s no set amount that you have to get in; choose a number of grooves that you can make neatly, and then stick with it. If you decide you don’t like it, it’s best to squish the clay and start over at step one, rather than proceeding to chalk it up.
  4. If you’re using multiple brown chalks, start with the lighter one and give the cracker a nice dusting. Proceed on to the darker color. Pay attention to raised or thin areas; in real life, this is where they would toast first in the oven.
  5. Bake the cheez-its according to directions specified by your clay manufacturer.

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