Feature Friday: Jewelry with CindyBurkeOriginals

Meet Cindy Burke, the one-person powerhouse behind CindyBurkeOriginals. Cindy creates sturdy, affordable, and yes, absolutely stunning jewelry. How does she do it? This Feature Friday, we’ll find out. [To see Etsy item listings, click on the corresponding photo.]

Cindy has led a very creativity-filled life, selling jewelry at craft fairs with her mom as a teenager, fostering her two sons’ artistic passions, and now making jewelry for the Etsy crowd. While her kids were teenagers, she taught the Sunday school students how to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and keychains to sell at church bazaars. “Once my stint as a teacher was over, I just kept making jewelry and learning new techniques until, even after giving a lot of it away, I still had a really big collection of items. Then someone told me about Etsy!” she says.

Innovation is a never-ending quest for Cindy. She continues to search out new techniques and materials to keep her designs fresh and vibrant. Inspiration will strike, and she’ll step away from her work space hours later and realize that she’s been crafting for the entire day.

“The challenge with any never-ending task is to figure out what’s important and prioritize. My biggest challenge is not to let my shop become a chore and to keep myself from burning out, so I can continue to be creative.” Cindy says. This is a challenge I face too, and an interesting thing to combat for all of us, no matter our medium.

Finally, I asked Cindy if she had any advice for other sellers, and it was so good that I have to put it in as a direct quote. “Research, research, and research some more! Before even opening a shop, it’s a good idea to line up suppliers, find out what your items are going for on Etsy, and get your shop and banner just the way you want them. Don’t leave out your profile and policy pages—they give buyers confidence in you and your product. Finally, enjoy yourself!”

Thanks for the fantastic advice, and for the pictures of your gorgeous jewelry, Cindy! Readers, be sure to check back next week for a handy dandy competitor research sheet, as well as our next Feature Friday. Have a good weekend!


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