Feature Friday: ErinsArtwork

Welcome to our first Feature Friday! Today with us, we have with us Erin Miller, a talented and successful decoupage artist. Aside from being a graduate student with a full-time job, Erin is able to create her artwork, promote her shop, and still get things shipped on a timely basis. How does she do it? We’ll find out!

Recipe dividers--aren't they colorful and not bland?About 10 years ago, Erin of ErinsArtwork on Etsy discovered Mod Podge and started to decoupage everything she cut out of her favorite teen magazine.

As she got older (now 24), Erin decided that even though she still loved her tables and chairs plastered with cutouts, she probably wouldn’t be able to sell (or ship) them.

Erin realized that very few attractive jewelry boxes and recipe boxes were available, so she began to spend some time in the unfinished wood aisles of her favorite craft stores. She decided to fill a niche, and rest, as they say, is history.

Beautiful, sturdy, affordable boxes are quite rare in our stores today, which is an unfortunate but very real fact. Erin and her artwork defy the odds — quality is a given, and she’s willing to do custom designs, matching a jewelry box to an antique quilt or a recipe file to zebra-print kitchen tiles. On top of all this, Erin works quickly and efficiently to create and ship her unique products — custom orders are done in only a week!

How does she do it, despite school and a full-time job? “Staying organized is absolutely a key to my success. I am constantly writing lists — supply lists, to do lists, to ship lists. I have a list of what I am going to buy, make, and ship for every day of the week,” she says. This is solid advice. Really.

To wrap things up, I asked the lovely Mrs. Miller what advice she has for other Etsy sellers. She has good pointers, all of which can apply to any shop owner, whether a seasoned veteran or newbie.

Relist your items. “I relist at least five items daily to constantly keep my inventory on the first couple of search result pages. I think that’s HUGE, and the best way to spend your money,” she says. Finally, Erin points out that no man (or woman) is an island. “Get involved in forums, make lots of treasuries. Ask for help. Put yourself out there for constructive criticism. It’s the best way to get better.”

Thanks, Erin!  If any of you readers would like to read more about Erin, check out her blog. See you next week for our second Feature Friday!


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