free strawberry tutorial!

OK. Ready for freebies? To celebrate the launch of my very first tutorial (which isn’t going up in the Etsy shop until later tonight), I’m giving it away to you, my lovely readers. To get your free copy, kindly subscribe to my monthly newsletter (the handy-dandy box is on your right), and then comment on this post to let me know you did. I’ll send you an email with the pdf file attached; and don’t worry, I won’t spam y’alls.

I’m really thrilled to launch this tutorial, because it’s the first of its kind on the web. Included: 22 full-color photos, detailed descriptions for mixing clay, baking the cane, and using the finished strawberry slices, the chance to pick the next tutorial, and comprehensive technical support in case you just can’t figure the thing out.

In case you’re confused, a polymer clay "cane" is a long, snake-like shape that has a design running all the way through it. You slice pieces off, and the same design is present in all the slices from that cane. In this case: eensy weensy tiny strawberry slices. So please: get yourself the chance to try it for yourself. It’ll be fun, I promise.


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