Teen food inspiration…and a blog feature!


I love blog crawling (no relationship to bar crawling whatsoever). I pursue the little blogrolls across the world wide web, surfing between multiple tabs and hoping something cool comes up. And occasionally something does. Something awesome.

Something like The Kitchen Generation.

Granted, as a 16-year-old, other teens doing blogs (especially involving food and/or small business) are always interesting to me. But when it’s five teens, lots of food, and THE MOST GORGEOUS PHOTOGRAPHS I have ever seen in my life, you really have to stop and look. Really.

See how far you can get through their blog before you have a sudden (and strangely irresistible) urge to go whip something up and photograph it within an inch of its life. (And then consume it with much lip-smacking and appreciative burping.) I’m thinking this might explain my unavoidable, instantaneous urge to make some tortilla espanola (fried potatoes + carmelized onions + eggs = love love love).

So stop resisting. Go cook. And eat. But, before you go, be absolutely sure to check out this masterful blog feature by my charming, multi-talented friend Erin. Warm fuzzies!

(NOTE: The above photo is from the Kitchen Generation.)


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