Improving my skillz, leaf by leaf

Recently, our family recieved our first CSA share of baby salad greens, and as we’ve been eating them all week and there are still some left, I’ve been continually struck by how pretty and well, springy, they are. Hence a new pet idea of mine: an “In Season” project.

Periodically, I’ll find some particularly pretty little vegetable or fruit and make it in miniature. I’m only going to make one. It’ll be one of a kind. It’ll be for sale in our Etsy shop, but when it’s gone, it’s gone. The photo at the beginning of this post is the first in the series: Mixed Baby Salad Greens, inspired by, well, all that salad we’ve been eating. It includes two kinds of lettuce, spinach, and red komatsuna. Pretty much all it needs is some salad dressing. Miniature, of course.

I’m pretty excited about the chance to try new techniques and improve my polymer clay food skillz. I think it’ll be fun, especially at the end, to make a slideshow of the pictures of food from the various seasons. So: until next time!


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