Cracker-tastic and fishing line earrings

I had a veritable bee in my bonnet yesterday, and so I sculpted up these Cheez-It earrings before dashing downtown for more jewelry bits, library books, and ground pork for the Chinese dumplings that are dinner tonight. It’s just today that I’ve come up with some original thought and put them up for sale on our Etsy shop. I’m playing with a new technique for my earrings: the cryptically named Fishing Line Instead of Wire Stringing Method. The “Really Cheesy Cracker Earrings” (oh, how I love bad puns) are my second attempt at the fishing line thing, and my first project that doesn’t use any metal other than the ear wires themselves.

Mmmm. cheesy.

Basically, instead of running a headpin (wire with a flat end that keeps it from pulling out) through the unbaked polymer clay charm, I put a pin through it. A pin is easier to get a straight hole with, and it distorts the shape of the final product less. I bake the clay with the pin inside. Once I take them out of the 275 degree oven, I immediately pull the pins out and let them cool all the way. All that’s left then is to run fishing line through the hole, attach it to the ear wires, and do a couple of good knots. It’s easier for me, it looks nicer (no clunky metal bits), it costs less to make (headpins at the jewelry store in town are 20 cents a piece), and it weighs less, in case you’re worried about stretching out your earlobes. I’m pretty sure it’s a win-win situation.



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