Look what the internets dragged in!

I’ve been lurking about on the internet lately, trying to find some inspiration and drive to get back to the mini-making world. I mean, spring break is coming right up, and what are you supposed to do with a week off, other than eating, and sleeping, and reading “War and Peace”, and listening to the band Supertramp, and watching “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and then sleeping some more? Answer: making small cute things out of polymer clay!

Because I am supremely lazy (what, you couldn’t tell already?), I’m continuously looking for ways to make things easier (and cheaper, and involving the above-mentioned activities), I’m considering making fewer, better, more expensive things. My current inspiration? Jessica Hlavac and her fantastic blog, imsotiny.com (you’ll have to excuse the lack of link there; I’m using a computer with the internet speed of an electrified brick).

Jessica’s stuff is awesome. It just is, and I expect you ALL to go check that link out and then maybe go make yourself something delicious and fattening. Her blog is hilarious and full of the sort of puns that make me cackle uncontrollably. “Fresh Prints”, anyone? Get it? Get it?

You should be especially sure to give those Chinese dumplings a good looong look, as they are perfection incarnate. I also love the way that Jessica presents her food on forks, knives, chopsticks, and other life-sized stuff–it really sets everything off. It’s cool enough that I think I’d like to fiddle with it in my own photography.

To wrap things up, go check out I’m So Tiny, make yourself a big snack, and get ready for spring break. It’s coming, baby.


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