Only 2 Days Left for you to WIN!

In need of some adorable vintage wear to go with your food jewelry? Andrea of MaxandChichi is offering a 15% off coupon to people who order before February 6th. Use the code TAKE15 and checkout and be wowed with what cool stuff you will find over on Andrea’s Etsy shop.

As we’re at the second-to-last day of our giveaway, we’d like to hear from you guys (again). Please tell us about the best birthday cake you have ever had. Remember, if you’re feeling like your chances are slim of winning, click the “Win Big” category in the right side bar and go comment on a slew of other giveaway posts.


2 thoughts on “Only 2 Days Left for you to WIN!

    • As in tres leches cake? I’ve never had it, but the kids in my Spanish class rave about it. Maybe someday, I’ll get around to making it. What could be bad about cake with three milks in it?

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