The worst must follow the best…and then $25 follows that!

All right, since I promised yesterday that I’d talk about tomorrow’s fantasmic opportunity to rocket ahead of the other giveaway competitors, I’ll go ahead and give you the spiel.

This is what you do. You call everyone you know who could use a $25 gift certificate for our Etsy shop and/or custom work and tell them about this giveaway. You direct them to da blog, and have them comment on a bunch of giveaway posts. The only thing you have to do to make sure that you get the extra slip in the bucket for each referral is to have your pals mention your name.

Of course, you could start today, but the referrals won’t count until tomorrow. So wrangle up your buddies, but don’t start until tonight at 12:00 am. And yes, this opportunity will be good for the rest of the giveaway, so your friends can recruit people too. And who knows? If we get some crazy amount of referrals per person, maybe there can be a prize for the reader with the most homeskilletz commenting. So confused? Check this post out for more info on what’s shaking around here.

But in the meantime, tell us about your worst culinary fail. I have a doozy that I will most definitely be sharing in the comments below.


One thought on “The worst must follow the best…and then $25 follows that!

  1. I was making a genoise once, which is a kind of cake. You whip egg whites and then fold in flour, and something went wrong there. Not to be deterred, I put it in a jelly roll pan with 1″ sides and baked it. It all boiled over into a caramel-y mess on the floor of the electric oven. I was scraping burnt sugar off the element for a good 45 minutes before I gave up and we ran a self-cleaning cycle.

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