Up the odds of you winning free money!

Day 4 of 10 for the $25 gift certificate, and I have a little to do list for you guys. It’s not mandatory, but it’ll sure up your chances of winning a little cashwalla.

  1. Brush up on what’s going on here.
  2. Comment on this post’s prompt, which is below.
  3. Find all the other giveaway posts and comment there. You can find them by clicking the “Win Big” Category in the right sidebar. Each time you comment on a post, you get entered for the drawing an extra time.
  4. Phone some friends and get them involved on Wednesday. Each comment you refer will get you an extra slip in the drawing. I’ll give you more info tomorrow and Wednesday.
  5. Check back tomorrow for another chance to up the odds of you walking away with the moola!

And because I said I’d put it here, here’s the prompt for today! Tell us about your proudest culinary achievement. It doesn’t have to spectacular. Maybe it’s the time you managed to make cream of celery soup without making your roommate cry. Maybe you roasted seven whole pigs on spits in a pit you dug in your backyard yourself. We don’t care, but we do love a good story.


3 thoughts on “Up the odds of you winning free money!

  1. I’ll have to say that making croissants by hand is my proudest achievement. Of course, I made them when it was -25 F, so I just set the dough outside for 5 or 10 minutes, and it was cold enough to keep working. Instead of spending 2 1/2 days on them, I spent 2 hours.

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