Strangest Food Ever Consumed?

For today’s giveaway post, I want to hear about the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten. As far as you know, how was it made? Where did you eat it? Did you gag, or is it a newfound favorite? Remember to put your response in a comment below.


3 thoughts on “Strangest Food Ever Consumed?

  1. Mama and I can agree that the strangest dish that we have ever sampled was one we had at our Chinese neighbor’s house when I was probably ten years old. Our neighbor is a fantastic cook, and she can actually handle a pair of chopsticks like nobody’s business (I however, usually get a fork out of the silverware drawer). We were over once for what we knew would be duck, seasoned and sauced. What we didn’t know was that the real delicacy was the duck webs–yeah, the little bits of skin on the feet. They weren’t as bad as I’d thought they’d be.

  2. when i was in culinary school, my chef/instructor dared me to eat duck heart bc he said i was the pickiest eater he’s ever met….well, i took the dare….amazingly it tasted like lasagna! how strange! unfortunately the texture was so horrible i couldnt help but spit it out!

    • Thinking on it, there are a lot of strange foods involving duck. Isn’t foie gras duck, or is that goose?

      My dad’s served us venison heart, and that was a little soft for my liking too. Hearts shouldn’t be soft, it seems like.

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