10 Days. 11 Chances to win a $25 gift certificate. Go!

Bits of burgers on wire...it could only be Exploded Diagram Hamburger Earrings!

Hurrah! Wear your burger on your ears.

So this is how it’s going to shake out. For the next 10 days, including today, I’ll be posting a prompt for you to answer in the comments below. You get to put in your two cents and get immediate satisfaction. On February 1st, I’ll be drawing a name out a hat, and one of you faithful participants will be recieving $25 certificate for custom work for free. Alternately, we can go with a $25 gift certificate to our Etsy shop. Your call.

Anyway, each time you comment on a post designated as “giveaway”, your name will be put in the drawing, with a limit of one comment counted per post. (But here’s a secret: there will actually be 11 possible votes available. More later in the contest!). If you fall in late, never fear–all the comments you make on older giveaway posts will be counted until the drawing on February 1st, 2011. It’s totally up to you to decide how much you want that certificate for custom work.

Let’s get down to business. Our first topic is: what was your favorite childhood food, and why? Are there any memories or experiences related to this food? If you can’t decide, just talk about one of your favorites. Looking forward to hearing from you, and we’ll share our response in the comments too.


6 thoughts on “10 Days. 11 Chances to win a $25 gift certificate. Go!

  1. My grandma’s Czech potato dumplings were my self-proclaimed favorite food as a little kid, and probably still are (I haven’t decided yet). She made them almost every time we came/come to visit, complete with a big roast and homemade gravy. All they are is a big pot of mashed potatoes mixed with six or eight cups of flour and boiled. The really good ones are so stiff they bounce off the plate if you throw them hard enough. Or so she says…I’m usually too preoccupied eating to bother with the “tossing against the plate” bit.

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