Marketing for 2011, fripp-style

Bits of burgers on could only be Exploded Diagram Hamburger Earrings!

Bits of burgers on could only be Exploded Diagram Hamburger Earrings!

Why do people hate marketing? I wonder as I try to drift to sleep at night. What is distasteful about it?

This should come with a disclaimer. I am the daughter of a current marketing director, so some of the atypical-ness must have passed through the good old DNA. But anyway, I love plotting about how to get the word out there. It’s something that I find simple and rewarding. As I’m trying not to ramble, I’ll give you the lowdown of potential marketing concepts and ideas I’m thinking about. They’re simple and fun. I hope.

  1. Foolery, as in “food + jewelry”. This was a genius musing of my friend Rayna, she of the Bright Young Women blog. And she really lives up to her name, because I had never even contemplated considering coming up with this idea. But it’s mine now (although it comes with her permission for use, of course).
  2. This would lead to the somewhat logical “frippery = miniature food”. My only difficulty there is the ability to fit “Foolery (food +jewelry) and Frippery (miniature food)” into any sort of Etsy banner or promotional anything.
  3. This, in turn, would lead to a joker motif for the logo. I have to discuss this with my mother, as she is the compendium of logo design as well as marketing, but we’ll see.
  4. A Frippery Factory newsletter. I’m sure you see the sign-up link in the upper right corner, looming over you, asking you to be our newsletter friend.
  5. Artist features. I’ve already got a couple of miniature artisans who would be willing to write about their work and their process on the blog. Which I would love.

So, what do you readers think? What would you like to see? What don’t you understand about marketing? Why do you hate it, or love it? Let us know in the comments below!


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