It should be easier than taking candy from a baby, but…

Deep-fried tater tots. So bad for the waistline, so good for the soul. Could they really be part of the Feb/Mar line?

I’ve never understood the use of this expression. Is it supposed to connotate something sticky? Something uncomfortable? Something necessary but cruel?

Confession: instead of posting about how I was in the throes of product development for the February & March product line, I was taking lollipops from a baby. Necessary, cruel, and sticky. It’s different when you’re the older sister of the baby, but still one of those things that I like to avoid.

So instead, I will give you all a big heads-up. There will be a February/March product line exclusively from the Frippery Factory. Could I say “frip-tastic” without sounding like a total social recluse? Because we’re pretty darn excited too.


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