Creating My First Product Line

old cookbooks + my late greatgrandmother's recipes + some markers = a product line?

A large portion of the general population seems to think that once Christmas slides past (and the prerequisite cleaning-up after Christmas happens) that it’s time to relax. But not me.

It could be that because the state of Minnesota requires me to go to school that I get the most done on the weekends. And because we had the week before Christmas off, I got a lot done. And I still am.

In November, I realized that just creating cool items left and right was not going to work. I’d get home from school and lay face down on my bed wishing that I had enough energy to go downstairs and make myself a quesadilla. So you can tell how little time/energy I have on weekdays for making miniatures.

So in an effort to whip myself into a frenzy of mini production, I decided to create a bi-monthly or seasonal product line. I don’t know which it will be yet. I’ve been fiddling with some ideas…see if you can guess what it is, based on the little sketches in the photo.

This afternoon, I took an hour and laid on my belly in the basement and drew out some product ideas on a piece of old blueprint paper. My next step will be to choose which items I’m going to do, and then I want to make a mock-up of a catalog, which I would love to distribute electronically. So we’ll see what can be done, as we’re leaving tomorrow for my grandparents’ house and New Years’.

In the good news, we’ve already had some downloads of the tutorial from last time! And here’s a secret…we may be featured on another blog soon!


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