Free Plate Tutorial

A nice little visual of the process used to make plates without a purchased mold.

So I’ve recently come to the conclusion that the “Free Stuff” page on this blog is very misleading. There’s not anything free on it at the moment, just a blog reader discount. And that makes me sad, because I too like free stuff! So I spent the last couple of days fiddling with polymer clay and such, trying to find a way to create nice-looking plates without having to buy a mold (which are $20 in places). And I succeeded.

So it was only a little work to take a whole bunch of pictures of the process, slap ’em into a document, and add instructions. What I struggled with the most was the whole “making things beautiful” thing. But I think that I’ve created a fairly good-looking, easy-to-understand tutorial, and best of all, it’s free.  So please, download it. Use it. Give it to your friends. Send us photos of your plates. If we get enough enthusiasm, maybe a little giveaway can be structured around it.

Sound cool? Here’s the file. Happy plate making!


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