Peppers are hot, and so are these earrings

"Cayenne" Chile Pepper Earrings

Well, folks, I’m sorry it’s been such a long time. If you like, you can pick an excuse as to why I didn’t blog at all since, well, December 6th. And it’s bad form and all that, but it has an upside too.

Because during my online blogging hiatus, I actually was doing something other than shoveling Christmas cookies into my face and shoveling snow off our sidewalks. I was making new items, and not just more miniatures. No. I was making earrings.

These earrings at left were designed especially for a friend for Christmas. Her mother named her after a pepper (and no, she’s not called Habanera or Poblana, in case you were wondering), and so she’s particularly fond of these summer fruits. We also had a bumper crop of hot peppers this year in our garden, so dried peppers are a pretty prevalent part of what’s hanging over the kitchen sink right now.

I’m really interested to see how long it takes these to sell. And while we wait…more earrings are in the works!


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