Happy Cyber Monday, or How to Procrastinate on Making New Items

Here’s to hoping you’ve had a great Cyber Monday, scooping up deals across the wide, beautiful interwebs.

My Monday has regrettably not been full of holiday joy and the thrill of getting cool things, although it was filled with a discussion between the head of finances at school, over grants and finances for a school project I’m in charge of. On top of that, tomorrow is the last day of November, which means that National Novel Writing Month draws to a close at midnight. And I’m 1400 words away from the goal I should be hitting. There’s also an interview I had to conduct for a research paper (about small business, mind you)…avast ye, high school!

Anyway, I hope you guys were able to snoop around the Frippery Factory, looking around at things and dreaming of winter break. (I definitely wasn’t doing that instead of writing a paper outline). I’ve been obsessing, I mean working over some branding from the ol’ FF and dreaming of the day I have enough time in my schedule to put a catalog together. So, for now, imagine some spiffy new banners and maybe a business card design for the next post.

Happy treasure hunting!

PS- You know that in my last post I mentioned that I needed to get a theme ready for my art project? Well, let’s just say that I’ll be staying up late tonight.


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