On the Fly: Old-Fashioned Candy Store

I have a confession: I have never tried either of these candies in real life.  But they’re so darn cute, they deserve a place in an old-fashioned general store, retro kitchen, or even a modern dollhouse!

First up, we have rock candy. Some people swear by rock candy. Some people hate it. And then there are the poor souls like me, who tried to grow some on a string suspended in sugar water, without success. And that’s my personal involvement with this particular candy.

However little I may know about it, I think it would look absolutely adorable in a little glass jar next to the sink or cash register of a roombox or dollhouse.

I haven’t sold any of these yet, but I’m already hankering to make some other colors. Just in case red isn’t your favorite flavor.

Secondly, here we have the venerable ribbon candy. Another standby that I have never tried. Instead, I rest assured in the fact that it sure does look cute spilled all over a miniature bowl.

I would like to see this in a roombox in a little cut glass dish or short jar next to the rock candy. I’ve sold one of these sets of six, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: more ribbon candy is coming.

Coming up next…an (unnamed as of now) collection of Frippery Factory products. The theme? Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Until next time!

Like what you see? Check out the Frippery Factory Etsy site!


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